In Cabimas bury the "Fabu Fabu" Juan Carlos Adrianza
ENTORNOINTELIGENTE.COM / Caracas. On Monday, at 03:00 pm, will be buried comedian Juan Carlos Adrianza, the cemetery Gardens, the city of Cabimas, Zulia state. His body was found, yesterday, in the chapel of St. Helena, located in Cabimas Intercommunal Avenue, to say their last goodbye to the "Fabulous". Are expected to attend family, artists, friends and fans of Juan Carlos, who will give a last farewell. The young actor became popular for his performance in the segment "The Fabulous", who played with Davila, in the comedy "A laugh at you," broadcast every Sunday Venevision.
Juan Carlos was killed in a traffic accident last Friday, in hours of the night, Dungeon, Guarico state. With him traveled journalist Maria Gabriela Rengifo, who also died, and his partner of Los Fabulosos, Juan Carlos Davila, who is recovering from injuries sustained in the accident, at a clinic in Caracas. That night, in his account of the social network Twitter, released "Dungeon, there vamossSss! @ MGRengifo @ JuanKDavila and yop! Tonight Show elpropiorafucho # @ @ LOSFABU yordi and more :-)".
That same day the accident, a Twitter user published the photo where the young actor could be seen after the accident, the reactions were swift by fans of the actor, who stated:
? Junior Romero ddyt Carreño "They do not respect others' pain is very unfortunate but since cell phones have cameras all began is a mockery of death as both a pornography ..."
? Tere Otero "why we are wrong and not respected"
? Navas Melixa Esteves "people without conscience ..... without knowing how much damage does a family that suffers the pain of losing a loved one ... and unscrupulous people take it as idle and just plain fun ..."
? Nancy Albert "sadism pure and simple .... well .... disrespect to the memory of the person and especially to his family ..." (Information courtesy of the News website).

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